Eric Fraser
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Eric Fraser

12 Willowdale Farm Rd.
 New York
United States
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Alcohol Use / Abuse
Anger Management
Anxiety / Stress
Behavioral Issues
Children / Teens
Men’s Issues
Narcissistic Personality
Oppositional Defiance
Relationship Issues
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Eric Fraser

Psychotherapist & Music Therapist: MA, MT-BC, LCAT

Eric Fraser is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist in Claverack (next to the city of Hudson) in Columbia County, NY. He specializes in anxiety, attachment, trauma and relationships for people of all ages. He also specializes in music therapy for children on the autism spectrum, children with developmental disorders, and older adults in dementia care. His approach draws from expressive creative arts therapy and somatic-attachment methods.

For Adults: Eric works with people to resolve relationship wounds and trauma through a somatic based modality called DARe (Dynamic Attachment Re-Patterning experience). His compassionate deep listening approach is warm, affirming, non-judgemental and accepting of all. Eric’s years of work as a creative arts therapist coupled with his specialized training in attachment wounds and trauma is for people seeking to heal: anxiety, depression, anger, hopelessness, addiction and relationship problems. Some clients may be a good fit for therapeutic sound and music therapy experiences (listening, songwriting, relaxation and more). Also primary to Eric’s approach is focused verbal (talk) therapy to allow clients to tell their stories and talk through difficult memories and experiences, as well as to receive dynamic somatic based interventions.

For Children: Eric provides music centered music therapy for children on the autism spectrum to work on: strategies for self-regulation, calming, increased capacity for sustained attention, social skills, increased related communication, and emotional-disturbance resolution through music experiences.

For Older Adults: Eric provides evidence based music therapy interventions to treat older adults and people suffering from dementia. Music Therapy is an excellent modality to assist in memory re-call, cognitive engagement, and treating physical pain and discomfort. It also provides adults suffering from loneliness and isolation to have meaningful engagement with their community.

DARe Levels Completed
Level 1: Fundamentals of Attachment Styles
Level 2: Attachment Strategies for Adult Relationships
Level 3: Neurobiology of Secure Attachment
Level 4: Clinical Strategies to Address Complex Trauma
License: LCAT / New York / 002468
School: New York University
Year Graduated: 2009
Additional Credentials & Certificates
Music Therapist-Board Certified (MT-BC)