Eric Fraser
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Eric Fraser

12 Willowdale Farm Rd.
 New York
United States
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Alcohol Use / Abuse
Anger Management
Anxiety / Stress
Behavioral Issues
Children / Teens
Men’s Issues
Narcissistic Personality
Oppositional Defiance
Relationship Issues
Sleep / Insomnia

Eric Fraser

Psychotherapist & Music Therapist: MA, MT-BC, LCAT

Anxiety, depression and trauma can be treated holistically. Often, people feel like they have different parts of themselves inside that are pulling in different directions. It can be challenging to sort through it all alone. If you are feeling depleted, tired, confused, or overwhelmed, a good therapist can help you slow down and put the pieces together. If you are feeling reactive and on edge or feeling like running away, or just plain shut down, good therapy can help you restore connection with yourself and others. And if you are feeling like traditional talk therapy is not enough, then you have definitely come to the right place!

I treat trauma, anxiety and depression with a somatic approach. Somatic therapy is body centered and works to bring clients into contact with how they experience emotions and mental states in their bodies. I specialize in working with individuals, couples and groups. I also offer the first legal psychedelic therapy (Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy or “KAP”).

I love to see my clients grow and flourish as self-aware and happier people! The pain and sorrow and the joy and laughter is welcome in my sessions. My space is non-judgemental, sensitive and welcoming to all racial, cultural, sexual, gender and political identity. To start, please visit my website and schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation

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DARe Levels Completed
Level 1: Fundamentals of Attachment Styles
Level 2: Attachment Strategies for Adult Relationships
Level 3: Neurobiology of Secure Attachment
Level 4: Clinical Strategies to Address Complex Trauma
License: LCAT / New York / 002468
School: New York University
Year Graduated: 2009
Additional Credentials & Certificates
Music Therapist-Board Certified (MT-BC)

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