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About Trauma Solutions


No matter what your past, it’s possible to learn new habits that restore secure attachment and radically change the nature of your relationships.

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After 25+ years teaching––and thousands of hours of clinical work helping clients recover from trauma––Dr. Diane Poole Heller recognized that, despite the incredible healing work being done, many therapists and their clients still had trouble “putting attachment theory into action.”

Dr. Heller saw first-hand how many traumas are rooted in early childhood experiences, which in turn, influence how we feel, act and behave in our adult relationships.

Yet, simply recognizing or identifying attachment wounds is not enough on its own to facilitate lasting change and healing. 

Dr. Heller believes that both therapists and their clients need a pragmatic  framework to help address and resolve unhealthy attachment patterns easily, effectively and extensively.

In 2011, Dr. Heller founded Trauma Solutions to offer world-class experiential training for clinicians, mental health professionals, educators, first responders and individuals seeking personal growth.

By integrating attachment theory principles with practical applications of  trauma resolution skills, strategies and interventions, our training strives to provide the worldwide therapeutic community (and the general public) with information and resources to help people heal from relational wounding––so they can restore secure attachment in their journey to greater intimacy, wholeness and resilience.

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Restoring Hope & Healing Trauma

We believe that––no matter what happened in our past––we, as human beings, need and deserve healthy relationships and deep connections. 

As a company, we strive to see, listen and act from our shared empathetic, attachment-based and trauma-informed perspective. In all that we offer and how we operate, we aim to provide safety, open-hearted awareness, respect, love and compassion.

Our core values are:

Attachment Aware & Trauma Informed


Discover how to support yourself and your clients. See how the power of attachment can strengthen, nurture and heal our most important relationships.

Attachment and Trauma Resolution Expert

Diane Poole Heller PhD is an expert and pioneer in attachment theory and trauma resolution. Her work addresses the four core attachment styles, their origins, the way they reveal themselves in relationships––and methods for transforming attachment injury into healing. 

Her signature adult attachment series training––DARe, or Dynamic Attachment Repatterning experience––helps clinicians discover the root causes of insecure patterns and then utilize process-oriented techniques and relationally-based corrective experiences to restore secure attachment, grow more resilient and recover more quickly from trauma. 

Dr. Heller is an internationally recognized speaker and author of The Power of Attachment: How to Create Deep and Lasting Intimate Relationships, Crash Course, and Healing Your Attachment Wounds. Her expertise in trauma healing has benefitted survivors and families of 9/11, the Columbine (and other) shootings––making her a highly sought-after consultant, speaker and lecturer for organizations worldwide.

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Our Mission

We believe each person is fundamentally designed to heal and deserves support in their journey to greater intimacy, wholeness and resilience. Our mission is to provide educational resources and experiential training––based on attachment principles––to repair relational wounding, restore secure attachment and help us reconnect with ourselves and others.

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Our Vision

We envision a compassionate global community  where we selflessly take care of ourselves, attend to the needs of others, nourish our communities and nurture our planet…a world where we treat others with respect and dignity, resolve conflict for mutual benefit and live with wonder, appreciation and love.


Attachment-Focused Therapy


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Whether you’re a mental health professional, or want to improve your own life and relationships—our programs help you…

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Dr. Diane Poole Heller’s Attachment Style Quiz


Take our free, 7-minute quiz and find out which attachment style may be affecting communication in your relationships.