DARe Release of Liability



I am participating in the DARe Certificate program and any event organized by Trauma Solutions  (“Training”) of my own will and volition and voluntarily agree to all the terms and of this informed or confirmed consent and release agreement (“Agreement”).


I agree that all personal information of any participant relayed within the Training is strictly and completely confidential. I understand that while the names of the students and assistants and my cohort will be shared with other participants in my training, I shall not disclose any of this confidential information to any other person or entity under any circumstances. I shall not make any audio, video, audio visual, or other recordings of any portion of the training nor shall I duplicate, reproduce, distribute, publish, or discuss any of the confidential information contained in or related to the training.

I agree that does their training trauma Solutions shall not be liable or responsible for any unauthorized recording of the training I also agree that the trauma Solutions shall have no liability or responsibility for the use of exploitation of any unauthorized recordings I understand that if at any time the trauma Solutions approves the recording of a training, a separate release agreement will be provided to participants and assistance.


I agree that Trauma Solutions shall not be liable or responsible for any unauthorized recording of the Training. I also agree that Trauma Solution shall have no liability or responsibility for the use of exploitation of any unauthorized recording. I understand that if at any time the Company approves the recording of a training, a separate release agreement will be provided to participants and assistance


If I agree to participate in the Training as the subject of a demonstration I am doing so voluntarily at my own risk. I understand that other students in my program may have access to a recording of the demonstration and that Trauma Solutions is not liable for any unauthorized distribution of the recording by me or any third parties.  I understand the demonstration session may include questions about my personal trauma history and emotional, psychological, and physical symptoms I may be experiencing. I further understand that I am under no obligation to participate in the demonstration, that I may refuse to answer any question, and that I may pause or discontinue my participation in the demonstration at any time at my discretion. Trauma Solutions has no liability or responsibility for my participation or involvement in any demonstration and I accept that any result or no result may occur due to my participation or involvement.


I understand that the primary purpose for receiving credited personal sessions is educational to observe and experience and learn how DARe principles are applied in practice so as to support my professional training and development


I understand and agree that all my sessions, meetings, and consultations with personal session and case consultation providers are taken at my own risk and that the Institute does not monitor, control, influence, or regulate providers. I hereby release Trauma Solutions and its related parties from any and all liability or responsibility for any acts or omissions of any provider and any claims related thereto I understand that Trauma Solution makes no representations or warranties about the characteristics or quality of the service I may receive


I understand the Trauma Solutions is exclusive owner or licensee of all materials utilized in the training including, but not limited to, all printed, audio, video, digital, online, and other materials. The materials also include all duplicates, reproductions, and derivatives of the materials, as well as any material, research, books, articles, and other works of authorship, as well as products or Services, created by the trauma Solutions and related to the training End quotes collectively, materials, and quote the trauma Solutions retains All rights in and to all intellectual property utilized or referenced in the training and the materials include me, but not limited to, the copyrights in the material and all Associated trademarks. No material or any portion thereof are sold or otherwise transferred and The Institute does not sell any title, ownership right, or interest in or to any of the materials.  If you breach the agreement the penalty is a minimum of $50,000 in damages plus the cost of litigation.


If I wish to present their training in a public forum, I hereby agree and acknowledge that I must be a presenter approved by Trauma Solutions. Please contact and [email protected]  intellectually property administrator for more information


 In the event that Trauma Solution or is authorized representative or agent or the training coordinator or faculty member requests that I discontinue my participation and involvement with the training, I will immediately leave the training and the premises upon which the training is being held if I withdraw from the training The Institute refund policy applies


I understand that my participation in or involvement with the Training may present a health risk to me and/or, if I am pregnant or may be pregnant, to my unborn child. Illness, stress, and other periods of significant personal difficulty can present a health risk. If I may suffer from any health risk or be pregnant and elect to proceed with the Training I do so at my own risk. I accept full liability for my participation and involvement with the Training. If I withdraw from the Training due to any health risk or pregnancy, Trauma Solution’s refund policy applies.

I agree to abide by all Trauma Solutions policies, procedures, and guidelines as posted on the Trauma Solution website at tramasolutions.com all Trauma Solutions policies procedures and guidelines are subject to change without notice to me and will be updated on the Trauma Solutions website. I understand and agree that is it is my responsibility to check the website for updates and that I am none the less Bound by all such policies, procedures, and guidelines


I agree, whilst in physical or online attendance at the training or at any other event presented by the organizer, that I will not advertise or promote trainings, seminars, workshops, newsletters or any other goods and services for myself or on behalf of any other individual or entity, be a verbal means or by the use of any other form of promotional materials including but not limited to Flyers leaflets CDs and DVDs.


I understand and agree to provide the Institute with emergency contact information for two individuals I understand that this information is being collected in order to assure my safety and well-being during the course of the SE training and that my listening emergency contacts will only be contacted if necessary and situations where back Ali, assistants, Institute staff and our students in my cohort have reason to be concerned for my safety I understand this information is necessary due to the nature of the SE training which may present a health risk to me during a time where I may be alone specifically in the online training for Matt I understand that the emergency contact information below will not be shared with any person outside of my cohort and SE Institute staff and will be kept confidential to the extent permissible by law

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