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Secure Attachment

Secure attachment is NOT a “magical” personality type where life is perfect and all your needs are met. Secure attachment is attunement—or the ability to form trusting, meaningful and lasting relationships.

Avoidant Attachment

Tend to fear intimacy or have trouble getting close to others? Avoidant attachment is a form of insecure attachment exhibiting fear of intimacy, suppressed emotions or coping with difficult situations alone.

Ambivalent Attachment

Constantly worrying about relationships? Ambivalent (anxious) attachment is a form of insecure attachment often associated with needy or clingy behavior, difficulty being alone or maintaining boundaries.

Disorganized Attachment

Desperate for connection, but avoid it at the same time? Disorganized attachment is a form of insecure attachment where intimate relationships are seen as dangerous—marked by fear and difficulty regulating emotions.

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